Years of Rage: Social Conflicts in the Fraser Era

Years of Rage: Social Conflicts in the Fraser Era

By Tom O'Lincoln

The 1970s were indeed, years of rage. A furnace of social conflict forged a resistance to the Fraser regime, on multiple fronts. The actions of organised workers were pivotal, along with the social movements against oppression, war, and environmental ruin. Tom O'Lincoln's book, written in 1993, explains why neither capital nor labour were victors. The social temperature may have cooled since Fraser's time, but the outcomes of the stalemate are enduring.

This new enhanced edition adds a wealth of visual material from the era. It also includes an Afterword by Rick Kuhn, outlining the main political events since 1983 and bringing together the main threads that continue today.

What do people say about the book?

"Tom O'Lincoln's study of the Fraser era is a gripping history of the popular struggles of a turbulent decade as well as a penetrating analysis of the dynamics of the era's political, labour and economic history. Now in its third edition, and richly deserving its status as a classic work of radical and working-class history, Years of Rage is indispensable reading for anyone interested in this time of intense conflict and deep crisis. It is a people's history, the work of an activist whose life has been devoted to revolutionary politics - and therefore a book of wisdom for others who share Tom's commitment to societies founded on solidarity, equality and justice.".
- Frank Bongiorno, Professor of History, Australian National University

"Malcolm Fraser died with a reputation in liberal circles as something of a progressive. As prime minister, however, Fraser was a ruling class warrior charged with rolling back the gains workers and the oppressed had won in the preceding years of popular struggle. Years of Rage is a great example of materialist history - detailing the forces that championed the Fraser government and the obstacles it faced, most importantly the determination of workers to resist ruling class plans. O'Lincoln was a participant or close observer in many of the battles and he uses his intimate knowledge to great effect. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the coup that brought Fraser to power, it is important to remind ourselves of the record of those turbulent years. Years of Rage is an excellent contribution to the historiography of that time.".
- Tom Bramble, author of 'Trade Unionism in Australia: A History from Flood to Ebb Tide', (Cambridge, 2008) and 'Labor's Conflict: Big Business, Workers and the Politics of Class', (Cambridge, 2011) (with Rick Kuhn).

About the Author

Tom O'Lincoln has been active in left politics since 1967, in Germany, the US and Australia. He is the author of many books including Into the Mainstream: the Decline of Australian Communism; Years of Rage: Social Conflicts in the Fraser Era; Australia's Pacific War: Challenging a National Myth and 'The Expropriators are Expropriated' and Other Writings on Marxism (Interventions 2015) . His political memoirs, The Highway is for Gamblers, was published by Interventions in 2017.