Our Publishing Vision

Interventions is an independent, not-for-profit, incorporated publisher. We publish left-wing, radical and socialist books by Australian authors. We welcome books which for political or financial reasons are unlikely to be accepted by commercial publishers. Our books cover a wide range of topics including labour history, left-wing politics, radical cultural themes, Marxism, memoirs, and works about resistance to racism, sexism and all other forms of oppression. Please note we are not currently publishing fiction.

We welcome publishing proposals. Please contact us at info@interventions.org.au if you are interested in submitting a proposal.

Our history

In the 1940-60s, the Communist Party was associated with the Australasian Book Society. In a period when new and left wing writers were unable to find a commercial publisher, the ABS provided initial support to a number of writers, such as Dorothy Hewitt, who went on to become established authors. Most significantly, Frank Hardy’s “Power without Glory” was published by the ABS and distributed via trade unions and workplace activists.

More recently, based on a bequest left by the late Jeff Goldhar, the Jeff Goldhar Project, with a limited budget, financed the publishing of 11 books and pamphlets, funded four Australian and eight international speakers’ tours and supported other activities including promoting activism in Indonesia. Most of the books and other publications would not have been accepted by mainstream publishers, or would have required a watering down of their political content. The Jeff Goldhar Project helped these authors publish without compromising the political content of the work.

Interventions was set up in 2015 to carry on the work of the Jeff Goldhar Project, but with a wider base of members and with the aim of broadening the range of books published and bringing them to a wider audience. The need for books and other projects that support our political philosophy continues to be great. Where mainstream publishers are wary of socialist, left wing and anti-capitalist literature, Interventions is able to offer an alternative.

Interventions is as a not-for-profit incorporated association, managed by a Management Committee. Currently our only income is from book sales, but it is hoped that donations and bequests will improve our financial base and therefore allow us to publish books on the basis of content rather than financial returns. All income is retained by Interventions and used to promote the association’s aims.

Donate to Interventions

By making a donation or leaving a bequest to Interventions, you are contributing to the spread of anti-capitalist and socialist ideas, and helping to secure the future of independent left-wing book publishing in Australia. Email us for more information on how to donate or leave a bequest.