Interventions is an independent, not-for-profit, incorporated publisher of left-wing, radical and socialist books by Australian authors.

Interventions aims to bring histories and politics into the public arena that inspire, support struggle, carry forward the memories of past movements and contribute to the development of ideas today. We aim to produce professional quality books in an attractive format at an affordable price.

Interventions welcomes book proposals which are unlikely to be accepted by commercial publishers. This may be for political reasons, because they are not considered financially viable or will attract only a limited audience.

All Interventions books must meet our standards in terms of content. We are opposed to all forms of oppression including sexism, racism and homophobia. We support working class struggle and movements resisting attack from the right or the ruling class. We are non-exclusionary. We are internationalist in outlook, and do not support Australian nationalism. While our members have their personal political beliefs, Interventions is not associated with any political party or organisation. While most of our books are Australian in content, we do include books addressing issues related to other countries that are relevant to an Australian audience.

Our books cover a wide range of non-fiction including labour history, left-wing politics, radical cultural themes, contemporary issues, trade unionism, Marxism, memoirs, and works about resistance to racism, sexism and all other forms of oppression. While our books are well researched and references are provided as appropriate, Interventions is not an academic publisher and does not normally include source information to academic standards. Our books are written in an accessible style, using modern Australian English, and aim to be read and enjoyed by and be useful to a wide audience, including students, trade unionists, activists in social movements and anyone in the general public who is interested in radical ideas.

Information For Authors

We welcome book proposals at any stage of writing - concept, in the process of writing, completed manuscript. Your work may be original research, an anthology, based on a thesis, a translation, a reprint of a work for which you own the copyright, a memoir or many other types of work.

We publish works in the field of labour history, politics, cultural history, memoirs, socialist history, social science and similar. Please note we are not currently publishing fiction.

We encourage you to contact us at an early stage of development of your book after you have committed yourself to the work. Once agreed to, we expect your proposal to be submitted to us exclusively.

If your book is based on an academic work such as a thesis, we expect you to rewrite for the wider audience of Interventions. We also expect you to be able to demonstrate that the topic is suitable for a wider audience and is not in essence an academic work.

We encourage you to include photos and other graphical material to enhance the final publication. Please note that we will require permissions for all visual material not in the public domain.

Publishing with Interventions allows authors greater control over the book content and production process than with a commercial publisher, but also requires more input from authors. You will be expected to collaborate with the Interventions editor, copy-editor and designer through production of the text.

You will also be expected to undertake the following:

Interventions will develop a marketing plan in collaboration with authors. Authors must be prepared to play an active role in promoting and marketing the book, both before publication and after.

Interventions is a not-for-profit and is unable to offer any remuneration.

Submission Process

  1. Complete a manuscript submission form and send it with the following:
    • a summary of the concept of the book. If based on a thesis, the thesis abstract may suffice, although we would prefer a purpose written piece summarising the proposed book.
    • proposed chapter list
    • Suitable sample material (if available) such as one or more draft chapters, one or more published articles if an anthology and some sections are already published.
  2. Submit the above to
  3. Please do not submit any proposal to Interventions that is currently being considered by another publisher.
  4. We will acknowledge receipt within a short time.
  5. The Interventions team will review your submission and consider whether your proposed book is a good fit and meets other criteria. Our aim is to deal with proposals expeditiously, while ensuring we engage with the provided material sufficiently to make a fair assessment. This may take from 4-8 weeks. Please do not contact us during this time simply to ask about progress. We will respond to all authors whether we accept or decline your proposal.
  6. If we do not accept your proposal we will give you a brief reason why, and will endeavour to suggest other options for you.
  7. If we do accept your proposal, we may do so conditionally such as requesting that you rewrite to improve style, or that deal with any issues we have identified.
  8. Once accepted we will allocate a team member to oversight the completion of the writing process and the subsequent production process.