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Radical Perth, Militant Fremantle - Fremantle Book Launch

Date/Time: Thursday January 23, 6.30pm
Location: The Navy club, 64 High Street, Fremantle
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Featuring editors Associate Professor Bobbie Oliver and Alexis Vassiley in conversation with Fremantle academic and activist Vashti Fox.

Radical Perth, Militant Fremantle tells 34 fascinating stories of radical moments In the cities’ past, from as long ago as the 1890s and as recent as Occupy.

This revised 2nd edition bring four new tales including the unknown story of striking Chinese seamen on the Fremantle waterfront, who faced brutal repression, but won support from Fremantle unionists. It also includes student radicalism at Curtin University (then WAIT), Perth’s very-own Green Bans and solidarity with the famous strike of Aboriginal pastoral workers.

It also includes the 1998 Maritime Union of Australia dispute on Fremantle's waterfront, the revolutionary theatre of the Workers Art Guild; a riot of unemployed workers outside the Treasury building; rock concerts inside St Georges Cathedral; bodgies and widgies cutting up the dance floor at the Scarborough Beach Snake Pit; the Point Peron women’s peace camp, and much more.

This engaging, inspiring book charts Fremantle and Perth's radical past, uncovering the obscure and neglected, reframing the better known, opening new windows on Perth and Fremantle’s history. It is structured as three self-guided walking and driving tours, so readers can visit the very places and buildings where these hidden histories took place.