Newsletter - 7 May

By Janey Stone - Monday 25th May

As the Interventions team are all volunteers, we are well used to working from home. And we have been busy this year.

Our latest book is:

Stuff the Accord! Pay Up! Workers’ resistance to the ALP-ACTU Accord

By Liz Ross


The Accord (1983-1986) was a landmark program of restructuring Australian capitalism, a social contract between the ACTU and the ALP. Metal workers union leader Laurie Carmichael proclaimed that it was ‘the pathway to socialism’. It was far from that. It pitched worker against worker, destroyed two unions, oversaw one of the greatest transfers of wealth from workers to employers and gutted union membership and the gains of previous decades.

Although often portrayed as being welcomed by workers, many angrily resisted the many attacks on them. This story of resistance, from the left and workers’ point of view, has not been told in full before. Ross’ book analyses the role of the trade bureaucracy, links the many struggles that occurred, and demonstrates the real impact of the Accord on the Australian working class. It is a must for all who want to both learn from history and rebuild a fighting union movement. With there now being talk in government and trade union circles of some sort of accord, this book is very timely.


Liz has made a podcast about the accord which you can access here:

See below for info as to how to buy this book.



Without Bosses. Radical Australian Trade Unionism in the 1970s

by Sam Oldham.


Keeping the red flag flying. The Democratic Socialist Party in Australian Politics: Documents, 1992-2002

By John Percy, ed Allen Myers

You can read a review of this book here:


If you would like to review any of our recent books (or earlier ones too), contact Lisa (cc above). We are particularly looking for people to submit a pitch to Overland and similar journals or to any suitable publication you have access to.



You can buy all our books from Red Flag Books


You can also buy from Gleebooks in Sydney, NIBS in Melbourne (currently closed) and New Morning in Adelaide or order through your favourite bookshop,

You can buy on line from Book Depository etc. If you do want to buy on-line, I suggest you shop around. I’ve noticed that Amazon is charging about double the RRP.


The following Perth shops sell our Red Swan series of books on WA issues:

New Edition Bookshop, Fremantle

Planet Books, Northbridge This bookshop is offering free local delivery

Dymocks, Midland Gate


Yours in solidarity


Janey Stone

For Interventions

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